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Free to ride Bike Parks

Originally, Parel Vallei High school was in need of a venue host their chapter of the very popular Schools MTB league competition.  A proposal was floated to temporarily use Southey Vines Park in central Somerset west as a venue.   A route was mapped out, marked with lime and levelled so that the kids had a track to race on.  The venue and new track proved to be a great success. The Spur League competition has been held here since 2013.

Please note that the wearing bicycle helmets are required when riding in the park.

There are no public toilets available at the park, please plan accordingly.



The Southey Vines bike park became a new safe venue to ride your Mountain bike and hone your riding skills in central Somerset West.  Over the years the Wannabees Cycling Club remained involved with the upgrade and evolution of the bike park . The bike park is used daily by old and young who want to improve their fitness, have fun and improve their off-road cycling skills. This facility is established on municipal ground and is open to all, at no charge. 

Raithby School Information and Communications Technology Skills Development

(Funded by Wannabees & Graaf Trust - managed by Edunova)

For the past 3 years, Edunova, with the support of the Wannabees Cycling Club and The Graaf Trust, has been investing time and educational input into the Raithby Primary school. This has been carried out by a qualified Edunova team and in full partnership with the Western Cape Department of Education, given that this approach builds sustainability into the programme.

The focus for 2021 onwards will continue to be teacher and learner-centered with the vision to improve learning styles and integrating learner Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools. With the Corona pandemic now ‘embedded’ the support for teachers and learners using technology has become vital – no longer a luxury!



  • To train the School Management Team (SMT) to lead a whole-school approach to (ICT) transformation

  • To support educators to lead and align ICT with the curriculum and support learners  

  • To implement strategies that cultivate innovation and transformation

  • To provide learners with opportunities to engage in coding, robotics and machine building