Trail Running

The Wannabees Cycling Club has established a 7.9 km trail running route, starting and finishing from the  parking area at Somerbosch Winery.

If running is in your veins, then running in the vines will be for you

The trail running route is separate from the club's cycling routes, and also follows farm roads through the local vineyards.

Starting from the parking area  at Somerbosch Winery the running trail is marked with distinctive trail arrows to denote it as a running route exclusively. No off-route trail running is permitted.

Runners must wear a valid running band for the current year. Trail running only membership is available from the club, or running could be added to a cycling membership. Membership must be renewed annually.

Access to the trail running trail is permitted throughout the year, between dawn to dusk. 

A map of the trail running route is included below. 

Runners co-ordinate running dates by means of the club's new member portal, available to members only.

Please note that the running trails are marshaled.


Typical Trail running marker. Follow the direction of the arrow and do not run off-route. No running is permitted on the club's cycling paths.