Trail Use

“You are remembered for the rules you break.”

Douglas MacArthur

The difficulty grades of the club's trails are to IMBA Signage Standards. Below are the trail difficulty grade markings you can expect to see on our trail signage.

Schematic metro-map style diagram of the Wannabees Trails, west of the R44


The schematic map below provides an overview of the layout of the club’s trails to the west of the R44. (The provincial route between Somerset West and Stellenbosch). The red route consists off all the trails linking the club’s two main trail heads, located at Somerbosch Winery and Waterstone Shopping Center. The Wannabees red route  is not a single trail, but has a number of interesting tributaries taking riders to either of the two trail heads. Other trail colours (i.e. yellow, purple etc) denotes loops off and back to the main red route.



  • Be courteous at all times, it is a privilege to have the access

  • Give way to any farm vehicles, especially machinery that is in use for normal farming activities

  • Do not abuse residents, family members, resident’s dogs and farm employees

  • No abusive language or gestures may be used against fellow cyclists, farm residents or any other user of the trails

  • The farmers and their employees have the right to report your board number to the committee for any poor behaviour, and the club’s code of conduct will be enforced

  • Ensure your ICE number is on the reverse side of your bike board and stored on your cell phone without a pin lock

  • Carry your club membership card or some form of ID with you in the event of an emergency

  • Notify the committee of any damaged, broken or missing signage


Rules of the trail:


  • Use at own risk

  • All gates requiring opening, must be closed directly after you have passed through

  • Your bike board may not be used by anyone other than by the assignee

  • Stay on marked route

  • Endevour not to cycle alone

  • No Cycling on Trail Running Routes.

  • No litter/No fires/No smoking/No shouting

  • No access before sunrise or after sunset


And the most important rule:  Enjoy your ride